Shanghai Jiao Tong University - Jiao◦Tong Global Virtual Classroom


"Jiao◦Tong Global Virtual Classroom” Initiative encourages Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) faculty to co-create collaborative online international learning courses with peers at universities around the world. Virtual exchanges foster valuable, sustainable, and accessible international experiences for all SJTU students. SJTU faculty and their international partners jointly build or share undergraduate or postgraduate courses. Course is delivered either synchronously or asynchronously. Students will be able to gain global perspectives and deepen their understanding of the subject matter and cross-culture through engaging in the global virtual classroom. This is where the planned program comes in: Universities share quality teaching resources, that students from different regions and cultural backgrounds have golden opportunities to exchange ideas and inspire each other in the same class.

Date: 20 Feb - 5 Aug 2022

Quota: 20 (all full-time students are welcome!)

Fee: Free of charge


List of Courses:

Course Syllabus:


Notes of application for SJTU virtual courses: 
1. There is no restrictions for nationality of a full-time student. Remarks: Not open to regular exchange students.
GPA requirements: a minimum 3.0 (total 4.0) /3.6 (total 5.0)
2. Application Deadline: 30 Jan 2022
3. English language proficiency requirements: IELTS 6.0, TOFEL 90, or other certificate showing the equivalent competency of English (waived for English native speakers)
4. Students should apply no more than 3 SJTU online courses for Spring 2022.

Application link:

Application deadline: 30 Jan 2022

For enquiries, please contact Miss Nancy Wong of HKBU Mainland Development Office at